Divi Children 1.0.1 has been released

Divi Children 1.0.1 has been released

I didn´t plan to release a new version of Divi Children today. I´m focused lately on a more advanced version of the plugin and, as I said on my post Divi Children 2.0 sneak peek: Customizing Divi even further, without code, I had in mind to jump directly from Divi Children 1.0 to Divi Children 2.0.

But then I learned about a bug that appears when you use child themes with Divi. It has nothing to do with the Divi Children plugin and it is not harmful either, as was explained on my previous post Duplicated predefined layouts in Divi 2.0 – How to fix it.

Elegant Themes said that the issue will be fixed in the next Divi theme update.

So at first I thought that if the next Divi update was not released before Divi Children 2.0, I would include in Divi Children 2.0 a fix to correct that issue.

But then I thought it over and I decided that I didn´t want to make you wait to have that fixed, and that is why I´m releasing this intermediate 1.0.1 version of Divi Children.

And that´s it, there aren´t any more changes included in this release. But from now on every child theme created by Divi Children will have the fixing code added to its functions.php, so you won´t need to worry about the duplicated predefined layouts issue.

If you haven´t done it yet, please read my previous post (except the code and the associated technical explanations if you don´t want to) to make sure you understand what this issue is about and how to make the fix work.

On the other hand, if you have never used Divi Children yet and you install this new 1.0.1 version for the first time, there´s nothing that you need to know about that Divi bug, except that you will not experience it since Divi Children 1.0.1 will prevent it from appearing.

Here you have some links related to this new release:

Enjoy it!

P.S.: Please help spread the word by sending a little tweet when downloading the plugin. Why almost nobody does? It is as free as the plugin itself!

Update Jun 26/14/2014: A bug was found in the original 1.0.1 version. It has been corrected in the new version, which is the one currently available for download. If you downloaded the original 1.0.1 you may notice that the predefined layouts don´t get duplicated, but you can´t load them. Please download the current version of Divi Children to correct it.

Divi Children 1.0.1

Luis Alejandre

Luis is the creator of Divi4u and the editor of this blog. You can read more about Luis in his About page. Luis also created and runs the free online WordPress tool WPThemeDetector.
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  1. this appears to not work on my Divi 2.0 site. it says it has worked and that i can activate it in the themes page but when the button takes me there it doesn’t show.

  2. That´s strange, Darren

    I don´t know what could be wrong in your case.

    To make sure I didn´t do anything wrong or missed any file when packing the new release yesterday, I´ve just tested it again on a live site, and it worked alright.

    I went through all the processs as if I was a general user who had nothing to do with this plugin. I mean, I downloaded Divi Children 1.0.1 from this site and I uploaded it, installed it and activated it on a different live site. And like I said, I´ve found no problem at all to create and activate a new child theme.

    Please provide some details about your site. Also, what version of WordPress are you using?

    • thanks for responding and sorry i should have posted earlier that i discovered the issue.

      some muppet had reconfigured some of the folder permissions which prevented the saving of any files….

      all working now, thank you 🙂

      one quick question though, i understand that using this will protect our website from changing if the main divi theme is updated. but how do i then apply the mods i have made to the child theme to the updated divi theme and copy that?

      • I´m glad you found out where the issue came from.

        Regarding your question, it depends on what you did before. Did you use Divi Children to create your first child theme?

        • HI, I am just setting up my first site with Divi and i made the changes in the main theme before copying using divi children.

          just noticed another thing too, i can’t load a page layout when customising my child theme. is that intentional?

          • Hi again, Darren

            That was not intentional at all. As a matter of fact it was a bug, sorry for the inconvenience. I´ve corrected it and updated the plugin, you can download now the fixed version, which is the one currently available for download on the plugin page. Thank you for reporting this issue.

      • Hi Darren, I think I’m having the same type of problem – what files did you have to change permissions on and what did you change them to? Would appreciate the help as I’d really like to use Divi Children 🙂

  3. Hi, I was really exited to find someone had taken the time to create such a wonderful plugin. However for some reason the child theme generated by the plugin doesn’t seem recognize the Divi parent theme. I am using divi 2.0, and I haven’t done any custom coding or anything. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, and thank you once again for creating such an amazing tool.

    • You are welcome, Frankie.

      the child theme generated by the plugin doesn’t seem recognize the Divi parent theme

      What do yo exactly mean? Your child theme is created but it appears in the theme Manager as a stand alone theme instead of a child theme of Divi? That doesn´t make sense to me.

      Please provide some details so I can help you.

  4. Hi Luis,
    Thank you for replying to my comment. My story has 2 parts.

    Part [A] After installing and activating the plugin. I go to the appearance menu to access Divi Child.
    when I click on Divi Child there is a notice with red.

    The notice says: Wait! You need to install Divi before you can create a child theme for it!
    This is confusing because I have already installed and activated divi 2.0.

    Part [B] I decided to go ahead and generate the child theme, I thought perhaps if I did that, and
    then un-installed and reinstalled Divi 2.0 it would then recognize its parent theme. I have tried changing
    the Divi Version info from 1.0 to 2.0. I also created several fresh installs of WordPress on two different
    servers to try and see what the problem was. But no matter what I do the child theme generated is said
    to be broken, and cannot find its parent theme.

    I hope these details provide some insight and answer your questions clearly.
    Once again thank you very much for for taking the time to assist me in this matter.

    • Hi again, Frankie

      What do you mean when you say this?:

      I have tried changing the Divi Version info from 1.0 to 2.0

      Also, if you try to create another Divi child theme (by going to Appearance>Divi Children), do you get this message on the top part of the plugin page?:


      Or do you get this one?:


  5. To answer the first question, initially I thought the problem might be because the default version below was Divi 1.0
    so I uninstalled reinstalled different versions of Divi. Each time I made sure the child theme version was the same as the parent

    Fill out the following information for your new Divi child theme:

    Theme Name: This field should not be left blank.
    Theme URI:
    Version: 1.0

    In regards to the notice it is the second one with the stripe of red that I am seeing.

    • The version on that form is the version of your child theme, the one you´re creating. It defaults to “1.0” because it is what makes more sense for a brand new theme, but you can use any version number you like. It has nothing to do with the version of Divi you´re using.

      Now about that error message you get, it means that Divi is not recognized by the plugin as an parent theme installed in your site, so no wonder why WordPress tells you your child theme is broken once you have created it.

      Of course, if you have Divi installed and running, the error comes from somewhere else. Since I don´t have any information about your site, the only reason I can think of right now for that to happen is this: Maybe you have your Divi theme installed in a folder with a name different from “Divi”? (the folder name should be just like that, with capital D).

  6. I’ve just started using the Divi 2.0 theme in a website that I’m working on for a client. I have a question. Is there custom css to reduce some of the padding between the sections? If not, that would be awesome for the update. In addition, is there a better way to control how much of your graphic is cropped in the slider if there were better dimensions for the graphics that were being used in the sliders. I deal with romance authors, so we normally create a banner or several to put in a slideshow with everything in the banner already. So, we really don’t use any of the text options that I know help control the size. If you have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. Here is the test site that I’m working on – http://ajcarmicheal.com/test. I’ve just downloaded the Divi 1.01 child theme, so I can’t wait to see what it can do.

    • I´ve got goods news for you, AJ:

      The Divi child themes created by the next release of the plugin (Divi Children 2.0) will have a lot of customizing options, some for the general basic parts of your site (footer, sidebar, etc) and some for specific Divi modules. One of these is a new class I´ve called “Custom Rows Section”. You will be able to create as many of these custom selectors as you want (like “Custom Rows Section 1”, “Custom Rows Section 2″…) and for any of this you will be able to customize individually several settings such as the section margin or the rows padding, and even new things like adding a background to each row with transparency control. And, like I said, you can customize all that separately for each section you want, not for all sections at the same time.

      That feature has been already implemented in the development version of Divi Children 2.0 and it is working nicely, along with several others you´ll like as well. We´re getting closer to the new version release, most of the work that is left is just code cleanup, security checking and overall testing.

      I´m not too fond of sliders, and maybe that is why I haven´t done anything yet in Divi Children related to slider customizing (there are so many ideas in the works!). But no doubt I´ll get around to it at some moment after the release of version 2.0, and your suggestions from the user point of view will be much appreciated. I´ll take a look at your site to see what you´re attempting to achieve about the slider, though.

  7. Hi Luis

    When I try to install the Divi Child theme plug in I get the following error

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

    Any ideas as to what is causing this.

    New install on localhost



    • Hi Quittoo,

      Easy question, easy answer: You´re trying to install a plugin through the theme installer!

      You should install it via Plugins > Add New. Remember: Divi Children is a plugin, not a theme. Maybe you got confused because it is a plugin that creates child themes, but it is a plugin nevertheless.

      I hope you like it once you manage to install it. Enjoy it!

      • Duh! Sorry for not seeing that!

        One more thing. Why are the photo’s on this page out of line?

        Thanks for the fast response!


        • I don´t get what you mean. Are you talking about the Gravatars and asking why the replies to the comments are indented?

  8. Hi. I cant get your plugin to work. Its installed but when i try and make a child theme, all the files it creates says “403 You are banned from this site. Please contact via a different client configuration if you believe that this is a mistake.” inside them. And the child theme obviously dont work :S… Any solution to this?

    • Hi Kristian,

      It looks like you have access denied at least to some folders. Maybe you will find the answer in the .htaccess file of your site.

      • I have full access, and my .htaccess is clear. i will try on a local host later 🙂

  9. Can you explain to a newbie what happens if i create a child divi theme using your plugin on a site that already has data (albeit very little changes to the original code). Will my stuff remain intact? will it be duplicated/updated on both the original and child theme? i get the idea of child themes to protect your customizations when a theme is updated but i don’t get what happens with the data that is already there. should i create a child theme just before i update the original?

    • Hi Thea,

      The best idea is to create and use a child theme as soon as possible (as opposed to just before updating the parent theme).

      If when you say “a site that already has data” you´re meaning content, everything will remain intact since in WordPress appearance is kept separate from content. If by “data” you mean tweaks you made to your theme, they will still be there as well.

      Now if you modified Divi directly without using a child theme, you will lose all the changes you made when you update Divi to a new version. However, any change added to a child theme will not be lost.

      So the best thing you could do is this: first create a child theme of Divi, then add to it all the changes you´ve already done to Divi (if you can remember all you have modified), and then you can update your Divi parent theme as many times as you need, without any fear at all.

      If you want to learn more about child themes you can read my post Why you should always use a Divi child theme on this blog or my tutorial series about child themes on the WPThemeDetector Blog.

  10. Hi Luis,

    i have found another little oddity with this neat little app today.

    after i updated to divi 2.1 my child theme did not show any data within the page modules.

    for example, I have a text module on a page which contains text when i activate the full divi theme but when activate my child theme it just shows as an empty text box when i try and edit it. the data is actually there and is visible on the site.

    any idea?

    thanks in advance

    • Hi Darren,

      I haven´t updated this site to Divi 2.1 yet, but I did update a couple of Divi test sites: one of them is the dev version of divi4u.com and the other is the site I´m currently using to test Divi Children 2.0.

      Curiously enough, I was able to reproduce your issue on the first one, but everything seemed to work alright on the other. I´ll let you know as soon as I find out what´s going on.

      Thank you.

      • Hi Luis,
        Thanks for checking that out and it is good that you were able to reproduce the issue.

        let me know if you need me to try anything or get more info for you

        thanks again

        • Hi again, Darren

          Actually when I reproduced your issue it was with the child theme I use for this site, which was not created by the Divi Children plugin since it was developed before the plugin itself.

          I´ve checked it again with both a brand new child theme and another existing child theme (both of them created by the current version of Divi Children) and everything worked ok: the issue didn´t show up and I´m able to see the texts on the editor.

          • well, it seems the update to Divi 2.1.1 applied this morning has rectified it!. all of the content is showing now.

            bit of a weird one eh?

            thanks for looking though 🙂 sorry to interrupt you and hope it hasn’t delayed you getting DC2.0 out the door 😉


          • Thanks a lot for this information, Darren.

            I´ve just downloaded Divi 2.1.1 but I won´t be able to check it till I finish some tasks I´m engaged with right now. I´ll give it a try in a few hours and I´ll look also for other issues I found in Divi 2.0.

            Thanks again.

  11. Hello
    I’ve just downloaded and installed your plugin
    but I have just the tabs “create divi child/change screen shot…etc” but nothing bellow just a gray area.
    Do you have any idea about this issue.

    • Hi Amnaye,

      It looks like you´re having a javascript issue, but I couldn´t really tell you. It could be a conflict with any of your plugins, so try deactivating other plugins for a moment. You don´t have js disabled, do you?


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