Divi Children 2.0.5 update to fix conflicts with some other plugins

Divi Children 2.0.5 update to fix conflicts with some other plugins

I know many of you are waiting for the release of Divi Children 3.0 which I´ve already announced. I´m still working on some final touches for the 3.0.0 version, and it will be available for download soon.

But I´ve decided to release an intermediate 2.0.5 version of the plugin to fix an issue encountered in some cases when using Divi Children 2.0.0 with some other plugins.

The issue

Some Divi Children users have reported an issue that has taken me a long time to reproduce, and therefore to solve. When trying to use the plugin going to Appearance > Divi Children, they got something like this:


The tabs for the different plugin features were shown, but not the panel associated with each tab. So they couldn´t do anything with Divi Children, not even creating their first child theme.

That screen should have looked this way:


The research

I couldn´t figure out why this was happening only to some users because, like most of the Divi Children users, I didn´t have any problem at all. So I was not able to reproduce the issue in order to investigate it and find a fix for it.

Until somebody told me that the problem disappeared when deactivating a particular plugin, I didn´t realized that it was caused by a javascript conflict with some other plugin. But then I had a new problem: All the plugins that were reported to be causing this problem when active in the same site as Divi Children were premium plugins I don´t use. So then again I was not able to reproduce the issue.

Finally, a couple of days ago somebody pointed out to me through the comments of this blog that the issue disappeared when the plugin Ultimate Social Media Icons and Share Plugin (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest etc.) was deactivated on his site (thank you, Oriyomi!).

Then I was able to reproduce this problem, and finally came to develop a fix for it.

The solution

I´ve said above that users “couldn´t do anything with Divi Children, not even creating their first child theme“, although this is not exactly true. I recommended users experiencing this issue to deactivate the conflicting plugin, then create their child theme once Divi Children was working alright, and finally deactivate Divi Children and activate the other plugin back, since the Divi Children plugin is not needed for the child theme to work.

While this worked, I didn´t feel comfortable with the situation and, in the event that many other plugins could be conflicting with Divi Children, I worked on a fix to prevent the issue from appearing.

I finally changed the js library I was using to manage those tabs and panels and modified some plugin files accordingly, and everything seems to be working alright now.

The new Divi Children release

As I had said on my previous posts, I didn´t have an intermediate release of Divi Children in mind before I had the new 3.0 version ready.

But I believe it is worth to make this fix available to you as soon as possible, for a couple of reasons:

  • The sooner this blank panel issue gets fixed, the better for you the Divi Children user.
  • Of course I haven´t tested this fix against all possible conflicting plugins (simply because I don´t know what other plugins might cause a similar problem), so I would like to get some feedback from Divi Children users before I release the next 3.0 version, because of course this fix would be part of it. This way, by making the fix available as soon as possible, it will be tested before it is included in Divi Children 3.0.

And that´s why I´ve decided on releasing the new Divi Children 2.0.5 I´m making available for download today.

Nothing else changes in this plugin update except for the fix I mentioned, so if you were not experiencing that issue before, you don´t need to update the plugin.

But if you have experienced this issue in any of your sites, I would really appreciate it if you could test the new plugin update, and would love to hear about the results.

You can download the new update here. To update your plugin, follow these instructions.

And please don´t forget to let me know how it goes through the comments!

Update Feb 2, 2015: Thanks to the feedback I got from some users, an improved new version has been released today. Some more fixes related to this issue have been added to the new version, which is the one that is currently available for download.

Divi Children 2.0.5, Divi Children

Luis Alejandre

Luis is the creator of Divi4u and the editor of this blog. You can read more about Luis in his About page. Luis also created and runs the free online WordPress tool WPThemeDetector.
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  1. Dear Luis, I am a newbee learning WordPress and using the DIVI theme. Like some I wanted to change the way DIVI looks so added CSS-Hero pluggin. Afterward learned about the Divi Child pluggin. After loading the DIVI child pluggin together with CSS Hero, I experience the same problems you described in your post – where tabs were visible but not the panel associated with the tab. So abandoned DIVI child pluggin. I’m not sure the new 3.0 will solve this problem but wanted to alert you to the conflict I have with the earlier version using CSS- Hero. – Brad

    • Hi Brad, and thank you for this information.

      The weird thing is that some users have had this problem with CSS Hero and some haven´t. Maybe you would like to try this new 2.0.5 version to see if it works ok now?

      • Hi Luis,
        I loaded DIVI CHild 2.05 Plugin and the panels showed under the tabs. No time tonight to go further but so far so good! Thanks!

        • Great!

          Thanks a lot for testing it, Brad.

  2. Hi Luis,

    I uploaded and then tried to activate the Divichild 2.0.5 plugin but got the following warning? Any guidance regards a fix would be appreciated/

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare divichildren_admin_scripts() (previously declared in /home/linweb13/c/campbellashtoninvestigations.com/user/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/divi-children-2.0.0/includes/scripts.php:24) in /home/linweb13/c/campbellashtoninvestigations.com/user/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/divi-children-2.0.5/includes/scripts.php on line 25

  3. Hi Luis,

    Doh….I found your instructions regards the manual installation process which ensured the plugin correctly applied to the website without error.

    • Yes, you were trying to have both versions activated at the same time, therefore that error message. I was going to direct you to the updating instructions linked at the bottom of this post, but I see you´ve found them already.

      So, everything working ok now?

  4. I’m trying 2.0.5 on a clean install (the only plugin installed), and found when activated, the tabs on the main divi theme options (epanel) vanish. As soon as I disable the child plugin, then they come back, re-enable it and they go again.

    May need to check it I’m afraid.

    • Hi, Andy

      Thank you very much for your information. I wasn´t aware about the ET epanel issue, I saw it appeared alright but I didn´t notice about the little tabs on top.

      Anyway, thanks to your feedback I´ve been able to improve the modifications I made for the 2.0.5 version and I have just released a new update with further fixes.

      Both Divi Children and the ET epanel work ok now with the new Divi Children update. Please download it and give it a try.

      Thanks again.

      • Hi Luis,

        the tabs are back now in the epanel 🙂

        They do have a blue box added to them when I click them, but thats purely cosmetic on the admin side.

        Many Thanks

        • Thanks to you, Andy. Without your feedback I wouldn´t have been possible.

  5. Hi Luis,
    I didn’t have the particular plugin that you mentioned on my site, although I did have the rendering issue. I’ve updated the plugin following your directions, and…. I still don’t have the panels showing under the tabs… just the tabs. Will keep on trying to figure it out by disabling the other plugins – maybe there’s another one causing the issue.

      • Hi Luis,
        Thank you! I downloaded the updated version when I saw your reply to Andy. It’s working perfectly now.

        I have no clue what was causing the problem as I have a sister site with the same plugins on the same host that is working perfectly with Divi-Children 2.0.

        Whatever it was is gone …..



        • Great, it looks like we´re on the right track now!

          I want this issue to be part of history before the next release of the completely revamped Divi Children 3.0 🙂

  6. Greetings Luis,

    I tried to update the divi children engine and this is the error message that I received.

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare divichildren_admin_scripts() (previously declared in /home/ajcarmic/public_html/blackravensreviews.com/wp-content/plugins/divi-children-2.0.0/includes/scripts.php:24) in /home/ajcarmic/public_html/blackravensreviews.com/wp-content/plugins/divi-children- on line 25

  7. Hey Luis,

    I deactivated the old one and activated the new one and it’s fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. Thanks for this release! I haven’t been able to access my Divi epanel for a while and didn’t realize this was the problem. Now I can see it again. Very helpful! Can’t wait to see the release of version 3!

  9. Hey, Luis, I love Divi Children and have used it on a number of sites without issue. However, on a new site I’m developing, on the blog page, all the sidebar text is flush left against the vertical rule. Using Divi builder this does not occur, but without Divi builder there is this problem. Main sidebar settings are the defaults. Any suggestions. Thanks!

    • That is happening because the sidebar left margin has not been set and saved yet. I´m right now working on the next update (Divi Children 3.0) and that won´t happen with the next version because each setting will have a default value even before saving.

      Have you saved your changes yet? If you haven´t, just change the “Sidebar left margin” value (even if you want it to be the default 30px, just select any other value and then select 30px again) and then click the “Save & Publish” button. That should take care of it.

      • I’m having this issue also. Blog posts sidebar flushing itself with the sidebar line. Where do you go to fix the padding for this. I’m not seeing where i can adjust the pixels. Thanks for you time 🙂

        • It´s in the Customizer, under the Main Sidebar section of settings.

          • I tried this “fix” and the padding is fine until the browser window is larger than 1100px. Then the content if flush left against the divider unless I use the page builder.

  10. Hi Luis, thanks for a great plugin. I’ve hit a snag, I don’t know if its related to anything on this topic – apologies if this is the case. I have a site in development, just upgraded a week ago to the latest Divi update (2.3). I have just installed Divi Children, created a basic new child theme, alas, all the top (primary) menu entries display as one huge list – no styling, no dropdowns. Any ideas?
    The child theme has correct permissions and is properly pathed. It is on a development server behind a firewall alas, or I could have sent you the URL.

    best wishes, looking forward to Divi Children 3!

    • Going to answer my own comment now, I followed a thread on WPMUPro where someone had the same issue, and it transpires (and I wasn’t aware of this) that selecting a new child theme deactivates your menu’s, in Divi’s case, the content for the menu’s then makes its way into the page – but without the Menu styling. Reactivating the relevant menu’s sorts the problem out.

      Apologies, hope this helps someone else out. Best wishes

      • Hi Steve,

        Sorry I didn´t make it to reply to your comment yesterday. I´m glad you found your way by yourself. 🙂

        • Hey now! You are a busy guy creating and updating a most impressive and important system used by countless folks – for free! No need to apologise – any more of that and I shall be forced to preach at you 🙂

  11. Hi Luis, thanks for a great plugin. I have a new site in the development stage not yet published, with the latest Divi update 2.3. Just installed Divi Children. The problem is I cannot get the footer credits to show. It might be finger trouble on my part as a new user but I seem to get everything else to work. Any ideas??

    • Found the to my problem. In the Divi parent I had put in a small css #footer-info{display:none;} to remove Divi credits this was preventing any text showing.

      Sorry for the panic.
      Also looking forward to Divi Children 3!

      • I´m glad you solved it, Bob. Sorry for not being able to reply to you until now.

  12. Hello Luis
    Using the page builder image module to place an image in the sidebar area only inserts it to hard left against the vertical rule.
    Any ideas

    • Hi, Bob.

      You can create a custom ID for your sidebar module (under Divi Children Custom Code, while editing your page) and paste that ID on your sidebar module. When you open the Customizer you´ll find a new section to customize that sidebar. Then you can change your margin, etc, or even remove the vertical rule.

      • Thanks Luis
        Managed another work around.

        Any thoughts on adding Floating Social Icons in V3 ??

  13. Hey Luis,

    I have a question. I’m using the Divi Children theme and all of a sudden, the color that I designated for the main footer background color is not being recognized. What is being recognized is the Footer Bottom Background Color and it’s changing both the main footer and the footer bottom where there credits reside. On the http://abigailkeam.com website, I would like the Main Footer color to remain black, but I want the Footer Bottom color to be yellow where the credits reside. It was like that originally and then all of a sudden something changed. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    • Hi AJ,

      Open the Customizer, on the Divi Child – Main Footer section select black in the Main Footer background color setting, then on the Divi Child – Footer Bottom section select your yellow color in the Footer Bottom background color setting. That´s it.

      • Hey Luis,

        That’s what I had done. Originally, it worked fine, but all of a sudden, it’s not working on these 2 sites.

  14. Hi Luise,
    I didn’t save a custom menu in a primary position or other position
    Seems that it’s it’s saved, byt nothing happen.
    If I active Divi again all works fine.

    Some suggestion?
    Thank you

    • Hi Carmine.

      Every time you activate a new theme (or a new child theme, for that matter) you have to reassign your menus to your desired menu locations and save your changes.

      • Ok, I reassigned the menu in a primary locations but the assignment is not saved. I repeated again without success. I think there is a conflict, but only with Divi children.

  15. is this version compatible with DIVI 2.2 ???
    best regards

    • Yes, Fabio, it is. Actually, I have it working with Divi 2.2 in some sites.

  16. Thanks for the Divi Children plugin! Now customizing my Divi site(s) have become much easier/better!

    I was reading the Codex a few moments ago and saw that the new method of using child themes is through enqueues in a separate functions.php file instead of the familiar @import method. Would that be coming up on 3.0? Just asking out of curiosity. Otherwise, thank you for this plugin and great job! ^_^


    • Hi, Adrianne.

      Yes, that has already been included for version 3.0.

      Thanks for your kind words.

  17. I’m having trouble installing version 2.0.5. I’ve updated Divi itself, then deactivated and deleted version 1.0 (leaving only Divi as the active theme). I’ve then downloaded 2.0.5 and install it via Plugins, and it’s then listed as “Version 2.0.5” on the Plugins page. BUT, when I go to Appearance > Divi Children it’s listed as “Version 1.0”. I’ve re-done the whole process 5 times, same result. If I make a Divi Child, it’s also listed as “Version 1.0” on the “Your child theme was successfully created!” page, and likewise on the Themes page if activate it. Am I doing something wrong?

  18. BTW, if this is a problem that will be fixed by 3.0, I’m fine with waiting. And thanks for the work you’ve put into all of this (1.0 has been very helpful).

  19. Hi Luis!
    Hope to find you well. Would have preferred to mail this to you direct in case there’s an error on our part, just wanted to check this out with you though.
    We went live with our child theme – utilising the engine. Not long after I noticed a strain on the Apache server that, further invesitgation showed – had large numbers of wp-admin/admin-ajax.php threads running. I spent some days tracking down the culprit – having killed heartbeat in the theme function file (there’s been a lof of posts regarding heartbeat behaving in this way and launching too many ajax requests that then go stale but lead to threads sleeping in MySQL and Apache) – still got the issue.

    So, I made a copy of the site and redacted the only changes we’d made in the previous few days – essentially swapping to a default Divi theme – the problems disappeared. I narrowed things down even more by swapping back to the child theme (haven’t added anything to this theme’s files since using Divi-children and a couple of options from the customize interface with the Divi Children selectors) – problem reappears. Removing the call to the Divi-Children engine at the top of the functions.php file in the child theme – problem stops.

    It appears – and I wanted really to see what you thought – that the engine is making ajax calls which ignore the heartbeat kill request – and go stale. Any advice?

    best wishes and thanks

    • Hi, Steve.

      I haven´t been able to find an explanation to your issue yet. However, almost everything will change in the next version of the Divi Children Engine, so I hope it will be gone with it.

      • Hi Luis – thanks for looking. I did some more experimenting with a basic Child theme from the Divi guys themselves – and the behaviour was exhibited there also. I forget exactly where, but it appeared to occur with calls in functions.php to add_action and a register of a taxonomy. Commenting out – stops the issue. Which makes me wonder if its an issue with the Divi functions themselves.

  20. Hola Luis.Tengo una duda sobre el footer.php y es que cuando creo el tema children,no guarda el archivo social-icons.php y por lo tanto pierdo en el footer los iconos de las redes sociales.

    Sabes como puedo hacer para que cuando cree el tema children,copie tambien el archivo social-icons.php y que a su vez el footer.php del tema children apunte a él?.

    Muchas gracias.

    • Hola, Pepe.

      Sólo tienes que copiar tu archivo social_icons.php en el child theme, pero no directamente en el directorio raiz, sino dentro de una carpeta llamada “includes” que tienes que crear antes. Y perdona por responderte tan tarde.

      • Muchas gracias por la respuesta Luis.Lo acabo de probar y funciona perfectamente.

        No te preocupes por la tardanza,faltaría más.


  21. Great plugin, really useful!

    How can I remove the “copyright 2015” from my pages? I tried removing all other text from the footer but the copyright is still there.

    • Just remove or comment out the following lines in the divi_children_functions.php file inside wp-content/themes/your_child_theme_name/divi-children-engine/includes/:

  22. One thing which made me frustrates with DIVI was about margin /space between modules .They are seems larger/wider than another theme in market and there n option t choose color variation unless you`ve used blurb .Yes there are trick to reduce it but sometimes not translate well in several screen size . I want to know if your plugin also give us option t solve something like that . Thanks

    • Yes, but obviously only for the modules for which the child theme created by the plugin has settings via the Customizer. There will be more customizable modules in future versions 😉

  23. Hi Luis,

    I was looking on the ET divi support forum to find a way to include the footer in the blank page template. but all the solutions I found there call for a complete replacement of the footer code… I won’t do that because divi children has its own engagement with the footer as it is, and I don’t want to mess with that…

    Might adding the footer to the blank page become a possibility with divi children 3.0…?

    And/or is there a solution you might offer now for the footer.php in the child theme that will add the footer to the blank page template and keep it all fine with the rest of what divi children is doing with the footer…? Maybe even a solution that will not interfere when divi children 3.0 come out…?

    And as likely a lot of folks are, am wondering about the ETA on 3.0… 🙂

    Kind regards,


    • Hi, John.

      The footer.php file is called by the blank page template even if the blank page doesn´t show the footer on it. It is because footer.php includes some necessary closing tags (like the body closing tag, for instance) plus the wp_footer() hook, and that is the reason why the code for not displaying the footer is in the footer.php file itself. But other than that, the whole code to display the footer is enclosed between these two lines:

      if ( ! is_page_template( ‘page-template-blank.php’ ) ) :
      endif; // ! is_page_template( ‘page-template-blank.php’ )

      So commenting out those two lines in your child´s footer.php will make the footer available even for pages using the blank page template.

      Adding the footer to the blank page has not been included for Divi Children 3.0 as a separate option in itself, but you will be able to do so anyway because with Divi Children 3.0 it will be possible to hide both your Top Header and your Main Header as you wish, choosing those options via the Customizer. So you could instead use a regular page template with your foooter included and then hide your header(s):


      Divi Children 3.0 will bring a lot of new things, one of them being that a modified footer.php file will be not longer needed for the child theme features to work, so your child theme will always use the original Divi footer file. 🙂

      As for the ETA, I´ll be first releasing a ready-to-download child theme which will have exactly the same features as the child themes to be created by the new version of the plugin, with nearly 500 different customizing settings available through the Customizer. I´d planned to release Engined (that´s the name of this child theme, and this is the first time I´m making it public 😉 ) before Easter, but there have been quite a few changes in the code I´m using to extend the Customizer lately, as well as some changes in WordPress 4.1, which have forced me to go through a lot of files recoding some things once again. My plan is to first release Engined (which should happen very soon, keep an eye on it) and, once I get some input from users, refine any needed detail or possible bug and then include the final child theme code in the Divi Children Engine for the Divi Children 3.0 plugin release. It might look to everybody like I´m been inactive regarding Divi Children lately, but believe it or not I can assure you that, during the past months, most days I´ve been dedicating several hours to it.

      • Many thanks again Luis,

        The commenting out works perfectly for now… And the ability to hide the top and/or main headers on regular page templates will likely be a much more elegant and versatile approach for such as I am presently doing with a blank page …

        I am very, very much anticipating 3.0… 🙂 I have a couple dev sites with Divi installed that I experiment with, and will try out the Engined child them when it is released…

        Kind regards,


  24. Hi Luis,

    How do I edit the file social_icons.php from the child theme? I want to add target=”_blank” for each social link. How do I do this from my child theme?


    • Hi, Bob.

      Right now you need to create a new “includes” folder in your child theme folder, copy the original Divi social_icons.php file and paste it inside your new “includes” folder. Then you can edit as you wish.

      You won´t need to do that with future versions of the plugin, a setting for it has been included in a new “Social Icons” section in the Customizer: 🙂


      On that new Customizer section you´ll also be able to add more social icons to the few that come as Divi default.

  25. When I use a child theme the spacing for the social icons in the footer is messed up, i.e. the icons are all crammed together with no space in between. How can I add spacing back in between the social icons in the footer?

    Thank you!

    • A follow-up to this. I changed the size of the social icons from 24 to 23 and the spacing was perfect. Changed back to 24 and now the spacing remains perfect. Weird but it looks great now!

      • Hi, Bob.

        I´m glad you worked it out. The explanation of what happened is this: the current version of the plugin lacks of a default value for the spacing between social icons, so it takes a null value until a particular value is set and saved by the user. It´s a bug that is being fixed for the next version. Sorry about it.

  26. I have Divi installed and it’s functioning fine. I’m trying to upload div-children- and am getting the following error:

    nstalling Theme from uploaded file: divi-children-

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

    • Hi, Mike.

      You´re trying to install Divi Children as a theme. It is a plugin. Please read this post.

      • Thanks, Luis. I’m new to WP. I totally misunderstood, so I’ll install the plugin. I really appreciate the quick response.


  27. I have a little experience with WP, but still the child theme is unclear. Do you have a youtube video on how to use this plugin?



  28. Hi Luís, im having an incompatibility issue with the child theme and the offset option in the blog module. This offset of blog post only work if i disable your child theme.
    Can you help? Thanks

  29. Dear Luis Alejandre,
    I love the stuff you give us and have used divi children for my site http://www.prophetcenter.nl and it works fine. Now I’m trying to use it for another already existing site: http://www.healingandvision.org and I’m running into difficulties. Divi Children says it has created the child theme succesfully and I can activate it in themes, but when I look in themes it is not there. Also other tabs of divi children Update Screenshot and Instal or Update Divi Children Engine warn that there is no Child Theme. Not screenshot is shown, btw.
    I have no clue as it worked so smoothly before with the other site…
    Can you help out?

    • I don´t really know what might be happening in your case. Is the new site on a different server?

      • It is resolved. It had to do with the PHP environment that was set to FAST CGI and not Apapche. It works with Apache, not with Fast CGI.

  30. Hi
    could anybody tell me why i get this message Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<' in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas07_data02/18/2645218/html/wp-content/themes/roses-and-almonds/functions.php on line 44 ? I am so stressed now because of this error and I tried to exchange the code from the source php file downloaded with plugin but didnt work. i would really appreciate your help! here is the code from divi child functions.php:

    • Hi, Barbara.

      If you´re still experiencing that problem, could you please send me the details via email?


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