The Divi Children plugin

A free Divi child theme creator plugin to help you create with Divi


Create child themes of Divi easily with a free plugin!

Divi Children is a plugin specifically developed for the users of Divi.

Divi Children automatically does the tiresome part of the job for you, so you can just focus on your creativity.

And now with Divi Children 2 your child theme can be customized by means of the WP Customizer while you preview your changes. You can even customize Divi modules separately with special selectors. No coding required.


One-click Divi child theme creation

Divi Children automatically grabs the information about you and your site, so you just have to hit a button to get a new child theme full of cool features.

Customize Divi like a pro, easily

Child themes created by Divi Children can now be customized via the WP Customizer, with lots of settings available. Divi modules can even be customized separately.


Get ready to tweak Divi asap

Divi Children creates a stylesheet that is ready for tweaking Divi, with section titles taken from the parent theme.


Default screenshot or upload your own

Divi Children uploads a default screenshot for your child theme, but you can change it whenever you want, directly from your WordPress admin area.

Divi Children Download

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