Stop coding for Divi: Engined is here!

Stop coding for Divi: Engined is here!

I know I may be spoiling some of the great features Elegant Themes announced last week for Divi 2.4. If you noticed, they are integrating new options and settings into the WordPress Customizer (which was not announced in their previous Divi 2.4 sneak peek).

Well, that´s the direction I decided to aim months ago. I believe the Customizer is the right place to include custom settings, as it name implies. It gives you the chance to preview your changes at the same time you´re making them.

So, since Divi 2.4 will also spoil some of the features I´m introducing today, I finally decided to hold the release of the new generation of the Divi Children plugin until I see how different Divi 2.4 will be from the current version, but to release the Engined child theme nevertheless.

What is Engined?

As I said in my previous post, Engined is a Divi child theme that comes packed with options to make customizing your Divi site a breeze. In fact, on the title of that post I said that Engined is the most customizable Divi child theme because I really think it is, and I´m sure you´ll agree as soon as you start playing with its more than 500 different settings in the Customizer.


I did a lot of coding, so you don´t need to do any coding at all for all the included customization features. Engined includes a new generation of the Divi Children Engine that powers the child themes created by the Divi Children plugin, and this “customization engine” takes care of hundreds of options.

With Engined you won´t need to deal with a single line of code to customize a lot of things in your Divi site, like:

  • Want to hide your header on homepage load and make it appear when your visitor scrolls down? just tick a checkbox.
  • Want to change the size of your h1 titles? just set the desired font size size by means of a slider control.
  • Want to change the number of footer columns or even make them asymmetrical with different width ratios? just select the appropriate layout image with a click of your mouse.
  • Want to add social icons not included in Divi? just select the new social service and type the url in a textbox, and you can also tick on a checkbox it you want it to open in a new browser tab.
  • Want to change the height of (any of) your sliders?  just move the handle of a slider control to the desired value.
  • Want to customize your buttons? just choose which ones, and then start playing with a lot of easy settings while you see your buttons changing.
  • And so on, and so on.


Does all this sound like heaven to your ears? Well I´ve got even better news:

Engined is free

If you were to use a child theme packed with options to easily customize Divi client sites in minutes without having to care about coding, how much would you pay for it? Stop calculating and give your brain a break: you can have it for free.

Just download the theme package from the Engined page, install it in your Divi site, activate it, and start playing with it.

If you like it, I only ask you to share it and help spread the word.

And if you really like it, or if it helps you save time and make money because you use it successfully for client sites, I would appreciate a little donation. But it´s up to you, you don´t need to pay anything for it and you can use it as you wish, on any number of sites.

Engined has too many features to be explained here

I first thought about introducing and explaining many of the features included in Engined on this release post, but then I realized it would take too long.

So I´ve prepared a page with just some quick instructions on Getting started with Engined. You can read that, get your copy of Engined and start discovering all its features as you play with the child theme via the Customizer.

I´m also preparing a special Engine Demo sub-site. At the moment it just includes some pages to help you see what you can achieve with Engined regarding custom buttons, custom and main sidebars, custom sliders, single posts or the blog module. I´ll be adding more pages to this Engined Demo, but I didn´t feel like delaying the release of Engined any longer only because the demo was not complete yet.

I will also be publishing on this blog some tutorials on customizing different parts of your Divi site with Engined, so make sure you subscribe to the blog if you haven´t done it yet.

Engined is fast

If you think that having so many options in a theme can make your site slower, you´re right. And that was something that worried me a lot for some time. Until I devised a solution for it, the Engined Output Mode:


Once you´re done with the development of your site you can go to the Engined Output Mode section, set the mode to Production Mode and click on the checkbox to save all your current settings.

Your site will run much faster because from that moment on (until you eventually set the output mode back to Development Mode in order to costumize something else) the Engined code will stop querying the database to retrieve all your settings, and all your customized saved CSS will be sent to output at once instead.

That means that, no matter how many options I´ve included in Engined, or how many more I may add in the future, your site will always be working as fast as you expected it to work, with a very minimal impact over the default Divi speed.

Engined is easy to use

Although it includes so many features, everybody who´s tested Engined has found it very easy to use.

By the way, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who volunteered to take Engined for a test drive and who provided me with valuable feedback. Some bugs discovered by them have been fixed for the release version I´m making available today. But, given the amount of different settings and coding involved in Engined, there can still be some remaining minor issues which I would appreciate being reported back in case you find anything that is not behaving just fine.

All you need to begin enjoying Engined right now is:

  • Read the basic instructions on getting started with Engined.
  • Take a look at the Engined Demo to get an idea of the things you can achieve with Engined.
  • Download Engined.
  • Install and activate the child theme.
  • Open the WordPress Customizer and start having fun while you customize your site.

I´ll keep you informed on more details in future posts about Engined. Meanwhile, please let me know about your experience with Engined through the comments.

Luis Alejandre

Luis is the creator of Divi4u and the editor of this blog. You can read more about Luis in his About page. Luis also created and runs the free online WordPress tool WPThemeDetector.
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  1. This sure sounds exciting! My question is…. I have a child theme for Divi already; Child Themify. Will using Engined keep all my customization? I have not written any code. Thank you, Sue

    • So what have you customized so far, and how, Sue?

      • Oh! Besides WP settings and Divi settings I have only used Divi Booster and TinyMCE Advanced. Maybe I should have not used the word “customizations 🙂

        • Hi Luis, I am saddened to read about the troubles with Divi Theme facebook page. Don’t let it define you. I am happy you and your wife were able to find some time to enjoy life and each other.

          Here is my answer to a question you asked me awhile back:

          Oh! Besides WP settings and Divi settings I have only used Divi Booster and TinyMCE Advanced. Maybe I should have not used the word “customizations 🙂

          • Hi Sue, and thanks.

            I´m sorry I couldn´t reply earlier, I saw your previous comment but I haven´t had the time to reply to many comments and emails yet. I hope I´m able to catch up soon.

            WP and Divi settings won´t be lost if you change your child theme, nor will Divi Booster settings since they´re in a plugin not in the child theme. I haven´t tried Divi Booster with Engined myself, but some of the people who tested out Engined before its released reported having used them both together without any problem. Even so, I guess there could be some conflicts because there are some common features that apply to the same elements of your site. But that shouldn´t be a problem, since you can always revert to the default Divi settings in Engined or in Divi Booster.

            Besides, you can always go back and re-activate your current child theme in case you experience any issue. Engined won´t change or delete any of your settings that don´t apply to Engined itself.

          • Thank you Luis… music to my ears!

  2. Luis, the stupendous amount of effort you’ve put into this is surely amazing.

    I’d love to be able to make things like this, plugins, etc. How are you able to devote so much time into this a offer it free? Did you do this on the side, along with your “regular” job? Are you counting on affiliate sales to compensate?

    I have been needing motivation to recreate my own site. This is the impetus I need to go ahead and do so.

    Thanks so much for all of the outstanding work on this. Massive kudos to you! 🙂

  3. Thanks for this great Child Theme. I’m using your previous Divi Child Theme (which I love), but just by watching the demo of Engined, I can’t wait to customize my site!

  4. Thank you Luis!

    I feel privileged to had tested Engined and today working in clean Divi I already miss Engined. Now I just need to get my teeth in Divi Breadcrumbs 😀

  5. Well, I´m very sorry to inform you guys that I´ve just been blocked from the Divi Theme Users group in Facebook.

    The reason: “People were complaining about my affiliate links and donation button”. Somebody even had the nerve to tell me I´m not offering Engined for free because of that.

    I can´t believe all this is happening to me after months of hard work.

    I need you all more than ever.

    But I won´t stop here, and you better be aware of what´s happening over there.

    • I am speechless. As far as I’m concerned, you are offering a free tool. People have the right to not click on any of your affiliate links or donate button.

      There is at least one person I can think of that is *constantly* promoting his affiliate site. You rarely post there. Not to mention all the promotion for the Elegant Marketplace site (which is heavily affiliated as well). This is unbelievable. 🙁

      I have shared your site on two of my FB accounts and Twitter. I also have a WP theme, plugin and hosting review and tutorial site that I will be re-releasing shortly. It has a lot of visitors, and I will be happy to promote Engined and your other offerings as well.

      • Thank you for your support, Terry.

        You´re right, I rarely posted there. The main reason being that I´ve been too busy developing free stuff that at the end is not allowed in that group.

        I´ve been requested to remove my post about Engined because (and this is literal): “If we allow one we have to allow all. And you aren’t offering it for free, you have a site loaded with affiliate links and a donate button.“. I guess he meant “If we allow one that is not our partner”. I didn´t remove my post and they blocked me out.

        • Sorry to hear that. I’m getting frustrated with that group as well.

          Hang in there, you’ll do even better elsewhere. Did you try the other Divi group? I see nothing wrong with a post as long as there is advanced notice that there will be those types of links on the site.

          You even had one guy suggest to you to put in a donation button. I thought it was a very good idea. I am so tempted to say something, but it’s probably better not to. Flame wars aren’t really a good way to handle things ha. I have put a bunch of time into that group helping people myself and really gotten nothing out of it.

        • Well I see you have just been welcomed to that group. Congratz, I hope that is better for you. 🙂

          • Thanks, Terry.

            I´ve just seen Geno´s post and your comment. And yeah, I think you better forget about saying anything, but let me tell you that the other group has become really corrupted. It´s a real pity because many people are helping others, while just a few persons are taking advantage of it.

            I would like to be able to forget about that group and what just happened there, but I can´t: I promised to forget about it (and about other things related to it, these people just don´t want Engined to be free) if the guy who asked me to remove my post apologized. He not only said he wouldn´t, but they threw me out.

          • I left the group earlier. It’s actually a relief, and I’m usually the last person on the planet who is spiteful. But I agree with what you said as well. It was getting to be too much.

            Here’s to the future. Cheers!

          • Hi Terry can you tell me what that group is? so far I used genesis (beginner) but I’m a member of divi too.
            If I get something for free and it is good I always look for affiliatelinks to see if I need other products to reward the person who gave me something valuable for free.
            I tried divi, got stuck early on and used genesis instead but with the new engined from Luis I’ll give it another try with my next site

          • Hi Adriene, just do a search for “Divi user” and you’ll see the groups available. You might also want to check out the beginner and intermediate WordPress groups, they are pretty good as well. I’d love to try out Genesis sometime!

  6. Hi Luis,

    I installed Engine and it works great except 1 point … sorry.

    I noticed that my Pop-up generated by Bloom plug-in doesn’t work anymore.
    Have you heard this before? Or am I doing something wrong?

    Best regards and thanks for your hard work/coding.


  7. Hi Luis,

    Congratulations on the work being done with this plugin creator of child themes for our lovely theme Divi.

    I have the Divi Children version 2.0.6 on my site, and wish I could have the following new features available with this offering child engined. I can use both? I know it does not actually need more Divi Children have installed, but still has some customizations I want to do, then I continue with him or substitute for engined?

    thank you

  8. Just downloaded ready for a site I am tackling ( and failing miserably so far) at the moment . So far loving it and I only had a quick peak.

  9. Luis, nice work, man. One question – can this be used as a grand child theme?

    P.s. As we say in the U.K: Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

  10. I feel I must comment personally here Luis and put a few things in context.

    I for one think your work is of exceptional quality. I admire the fact that Engined is free – all be it that you are earning money from affiliate links and getting hits to your website from a Facebook Page you rarely post in – more than 50% of your 40 or so posts are direct links to either Divi Children – (a great plugin) or to Engined. I was privileged to test out Engined but unfortunately ran out of time to give my overview (which was part of the agreement) and I am sorry for that. Let me just reiterate, I think it is an awesome piece of work.

    I did however, offer to amend your spelling errors and literals in the install document which you kindly accepted.

    What Terry says saddens me in that he is getting frustrated with the Facebook Group but, I share his frustration. There are many posts that are pretty irrelevant for an advanced user and we as admins have tried to address this – it is a help group after all.

    Yes, as an EMP founder I do post links to the site but, and it is a big BUT, we do clearly say that there is a cost associated with the themes or if it is a helpful post – The SEO posts and the Tutorial on Essential grid are very popular and we set up the site for these reasons – read it if you will and you may get to understand our philosophy of developers getting the benefit of their skills.

    It is true to say that I attempted to persuade you to offer Engined on EMP – In no way did I pressurize you and in no way did your decision to not list your product on the site affect your removal from the Facebook group – it is a totally separate issue. I was simply offering you an opportunity to get to a wider audience and that is that.

    You were aggressive and threatening – your quote – ‘I give you 2 minutes to apologize’ is not the way members of the same group should speak to each other – Terry says – quite rightly that he sees no problem in people giving links as long as they are open as to the fact there will be affiliate links on the site plus a donation button. It is a clear rule of the group that affiliate links are declared within the group..

    It is my view that I would welcome you back to the group with open arms if that disclaimer was put in your posts. It is clear that it was not and you were asked to remove the post because the group admins had received complaints that you were not being ‘totally’ upfront.

    As an FB group that is expanding daily, there are bound to be issues that arise from people actively asking for work and spammers advertising Oakley sunglasses. The admins have a tough job as it is moderating questions that some regard as ‘stupid’ or could have been googled.

    I am more than happy to make you happier….I wish you all the very best with Engined, after all your hard work you genuinely deserve it.

    • First of all, since you´ve been waiting for me to allow your comment “in the interests of transparency” and “in the interests of fairness” as you said in several occasions both through Facebook and via direct email during yesterday and today, let me tell you that I don´t have any problems in allowing it, as you can see right now. I don´t use those kind of dark methods. The only reason your comment wasn´t published before is pretty simple: I had a terrible day last Friday (yes, the very day I released Engined), and I owed my wife a day off to go out and enjoy the countryside. That´s the least I could do after all the hours I´m stealing my family. So I finally took the day off on Saturday and part of today and I haven´t been available to anybody. You may notice your comment wasn´t the only one not being published, there were quite a few others waiting for me.

      Even though I can´t forget about what happened, and even when it´s my intention to publish a post about it, I didn´t plan to give any names regarding all this, you did it by yourself. If you´ve noticed, so far I haven´t used any particular person´s or website names.

      Now, let me reply to you and let´s give other people the opportunity to reckon what “transparency” and “fairness” mean. You wrote a long comment, but mine is going to be much longer.

      “all be it that you are earning money from affiliate links and getting hits to your website from a Facebook Page you rarely post in – more than 50% of your 40 or so posts are direct links to either Divi Children”

      That doesn´t look like a very friendly sentence, does it Andrew? So sharing my FREE plugin with others via a direct link looks like a sin to you? What would you have expected, me saying “Hi guys, I developed a FREE plugin you might find useful, so go ahead an search for it in Google, hopefully you´ll get lucky and are finally able to find it”? About the other 50% of my posts, they were mostly devoted to help people either with my plugin or with other Divi issues, i.e., giving FREE support. Maybe I should have posted more saying you guys are “superstars”? And about my “rarely” posting, I think I can do a better service to the Divi users community by developing FREE stuff for Divi than by spending hours I just don´t happen to have on Facebook.

      “as an EMP founder I do post links to the site but, and it is a big BUT, we do clearly say that there is a cost associated with the themes”

      Sure, Andrew. As the Divi4u founder, I thought I could also post about FREE Divi tools with links to my site (maybe I´ve been too naive) but, and this is a big but, I do clearly say that there is NOT a cost associated with it. The following is literal from my Engined release post: “you don´t need to pay anything for it and you can use it as you wish, on any number of sites”. Did you guys even read my post before you took it away and kicked me out of the group?

      “It is true to say that I attempted to persuade you to offer Engined on EMP”

      Yes, it is quite true. But you´re using the wrong word, so let´s bring some transparency here. You tried to persuade me to SELL it on your site. Is that your particular idea of helping people in your “help” group? Trying to make them spend money on something that they could get for free should you had not stepped in? While you, incidentally, earned a substantial part of the cake (40% of it, to be precise)? Come on, Andrew.

      “In no way did I pressurize you”

      Well it all depends on the way you see it. Here is what you told me in an email:
      I love Engined and want to do a post in the FB group to say this: I was lucky enough to test drive engine, along with divi module editor and divi booster (although I did not need them specifically but I wanted to see how they played together) I converted this site (image) to this site (image) and launched in less than an hour. …links to the site.. Using Engined and the other plugins the client is delighted with the end result of a simple, clear and attractive website. It would be great if I could say, ‘Engined’ will be available on the EMP store soon.
      But. Engined wouldn´t be available on the EMP store. So you went ahead and had the nerve to publish that on the FB group… except that you didn´t even mentioned Engined on it! True you said something about Divi Children, but the real thing is that you mentioned Divi Module Editor and Divi Booster but not a word about Engined. And you were using Engined on it, I had to check it out to make sure because I couldn´t believe the way you behaved. If you noticed, I didn´t even say anything at the moment.
      If that´s nothing to do with pressurizing, you better ask anybody who´s reading this.
      By the way, Andrew, in Spain we have this saying “It´s easier to catch a liar than a lame”. You just said “we do clearly say that there is a cost associated”. You didn´t on that post (actually I don´t remember to have seen any post where you did) where you were “selling” Divi Module Editor and Divi Booster (great plugins, and all this has nothing to do with theirs excellent creators, by the way), so maybe you got a lot of complaints and you had to remove that post the same way your partner asked me to do with mine about Engined?. Remember you were the one who wanted to talk about “fairness” here.

      “in no way did your decision to not list your product on the site affect your removal from the Facebook group – it is a totally separate issue”

      As you correctly guess, I have a completely different point of view. But I won´t even expose it here, let´s people get their own conclusions.
      Just one important point I think should be considered: From the beginning I thought that group was something Eileen started in an unselfish way and that was administrated by herself, then some ago I started seeing some suspicious behaviours, then last Friday one of your partners at the EMP site appears out of the blue talking to me as an administrator and telling me to remove my post for absolutely ridiculous and arbitrary reasons and he finally throws me out of the group, now today I´m learning from your own comment that you´re and administrator of the group as well (you said “we as admins”). Conclusion: that FB group is controlled by the owners of the EMP site, and that is something that should be taken into account when judging whether my removal from the group might have something to do with me decision to offer Engined for FREE.

      “I was simply offering you an opportunity to get to a wider audience and that is that”

      Wrong, Andrew. If that was right, you´d have offered me to offer Engined for FREE on your site, you already had a couple of free products there (or at least you used to have, I´m not going to go back to that site any more). If you had the interests of other people in mind and you were just willing to give me a wider audience, you wouldn´t need to propose changing Engined from being FREE to making people pay for it (so you could get 40% of the sales).

      “You were aggressive and threatening – your quote – ‘I give you 2 minutes to apologize’ is not the way members of the same group should speak to each other”

      If what I was talking about really needed an apology, I wasn´t being aggressive at all (and this was not posted on the group, it was a direct message to your partner). And I really felt I needed an apology.
      Now about “threatening”: I was telling your partner for the second time I would forget about what was happening (and other things related to it) if he closed the thread down (the second time I also asked for an apology I thought I deserved, and gave him 2 minutes I really didn´t have, because I was planning to go to a concert I finally missed). Otherwise I would let other people know what was happening. Now if you really believe that telling other people the raw truth is a threat then, man, you´re saying it all by yourself.

      “I would welcome you back to the group with open arms if that disclaimer was put in your posts. It is clear that it was not and you were asked to remove the post because the group admins had received complaints that you were not being ‘totally’ upfront.”

      First: since I´m not allowed in that group anymore, I´m not able to go there now and count the percentage of posts not stating the existence of affiliate links or donation buttons on the linked site. I encourage anybody who´s reading this to do it and find that it amounts to nearly 100%.. including the posts about your own site!
      Second: I wasn´t asked by your partner to include a disclaimer on my post about the release of Engined: I was directly asked to remove my post.
      Third: No, thanks, I don´t want to belong to that group anymore. I don´t like being manipulated, and I hate seeing other people being manipulated without noticing.

      “I am more than happy to make you happier….I wish you all the very best with Engined, after all your hard work you genuinely deserve it”

      You´re not being sincere either on that statement or in the other you´ve just made on another comment to this very same post, where you accuse me of not being that helpful and of copying code from other people. You better make up your mind, Andrew.

      • I am more than happy for people to draw their own conclusions. I am happy to take your criticism. Let’s hope you do well. Just as an FYI. There are free themes available on the site of which you speak. Happy to list yours too.

        • I was also Kicked out, just recently, 2 hours ago, without any explanation whatsoever. Of course, the explanation came afterwards, from Andrew and not because he wanted to give it to me, but because I personally ask him on facebook chat.
          Reasons: I was being rude and not understanding the spirit of the group which is to help.

          I only gave my own opinion on why it wasn’t possible to mention hosting companies related to developers of divi and why people who mentioned other big hosting companies weren’t been blocked or having their comments deleted.

          He told me in my face that I was trying to advertise my service, when I gave my opinion and the topic was closed.

          Another user posted ranting about how customers tend to destroy divi designs after they were done, an interesting topic which I proceed to relate my own experience with it and then I was inmediately kicked out of the group, for no reason.

          That’s when Andrew told me I was being negative, rude and not productive to the group intent.

          But I ask, WHY wasn’t the original poster also blocked?, sudently if a user post about how a design gets destroyed and I share my experience I’m the one being negative?…

          I sent an e-mail to Nick and told Andrew about this, because I like transparency, Andrew commented on being interested in reading that mail, which I POSTED on the same chat.

          Andrew replied that my mail to Nick was UNAPROPIATE and If I insist on the thing he will get me permanently banned.

          His advice was “try again in a week or two”, if you insist you will get permanently banned

          Andrew is a manipualtive person, I too don’t want anything to do with that group anymore, my heart goes with you Luis, I’m also Latin American, maybe they don’t like us.

          One thing is for sure, that group is controlled, it won’t allow freedom of expresion of any kind and being administered like that will do them more harm than good.

  11. Hi Luis

    I just wanted to thank you again for all your help this week. I’ve been playing around with Engined and I am really loving it. So thank you so much for your amazing generosity. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to go much further. Engined is perfect for me. I’m far from done with the site, but as soon as I am, I’ll let you know and you can have a look and let me know what you think.

    Thanks again Luis,

  12. Luis, man I am so appauled to hear what they did to you in the Divi Theme Group. You are very correct that the so called “leadership” of that group has become corrupted. If you arent partnering with them in Elegant Marketplace, then you better not post anything. That group started out as a great place to get help, but it has turned into a place for certain people to make money off of others.
    It really saddens me to because I was one of the first 300 people to join in that group. I loved helping people there, but it has become about the leaders motivation to make money now.
    Good luck to you my friend. You have always provided a great product and a willingness to help that is lacking in many people.

    • Jared, I bring your attention to my post above. I think you have misunderstood the situation.

      • I believe Jared understood the situation very well. Actually, I wasn´t giving any names and even so he´s hitting the nail. I just wonder how many more people are realizing about the obvious.

        • You are entitled to your opinion. I reiterate the fb group offers help first and you Luis simply used it to promote your ‘free’ themes’ after looking through your posts I didn’t see that you were being that helpful. Much of the code you use in your themes has come from people in the group openly sharing. It’s a shame as I think you have worked really hard but your comment to the admin and on here are testament to the fact the admin that removed you made the right decision.

          • First you said that my work “is of exceptional quality“. Now that I´m not that helpful and that I copy code from other people. Little by little you´re getting portrayed by yourself here, Andrew.

          • I reiterate. Your work IS exceptional. I simply mention that you were not that helpful within the fb group. You are also entitled to use the group as you wish. However. Honesty is the best policy, you profit from your affiliate links and the fact that you have used code that is willingly and openly shared – you have attempted to twist my words and you have again exposed yourself for what you are. You were simply asked to remove your post as it was deemed inappropriate and now you willingly and wantonly criticise people for not allowing you to profit from your lack of contribution to the group. Perhaps you need to use different methods in your marketing and attempt to understand my personal view of your reaction to a simple request. Maybe we can discuss this face to face on my next visit to Spain in June.

          • So the fb group offers help for Divi users right ?
            And offering Engined for free is help or not for you Andrew ??
            Come on … The more you post the more you are getting ridiculous …

  13. I am getting this line in a page i am working on after installing engined in divi 2.3.2
    any idea how to get rid of it?
    The message is “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /domains/ on line 265”

    Kindest regards Frank

  14. Just installed Engined and making sure everything that is working properly and just realized my “login” for WordPress (and for my clients to access) has disappeared from the top header … what did I do? More importantly, how do I get it back in place?

  15. Please ignore/delete comment regarding Login. I was able to re-activate within the menu structure. Great child theme, thank you!! FYI – I commented about a post on engined last night on the Divi fb group as did others today, so even though you got unfairly kicked to the curb you are still getting some good coverage regardless 🙂 All you need is a few fans to support you here and there!!

  16. There seems to be a glitch with the social icons when I choose to use the Engined custom option. I have added LinkedIn to the Facebook and Twitter defaults. It shows correctly in the saved preview area and links work fine however when I open the actual web page it shows Google & RSS (which I have not selected) and the Facebook/Twitter links are incorrect.

  17. Hi there,
    I installed Engined, and got this error when trying to access the customize panel:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 122880 bytes) in /data/15/1/121/129/1447781/user/1555729/htdocs/wp-admin/includes/user.php on line 95

    Is it an obvious problem with this plugin, or should I start digging? If you have a solution, please let me know.

    Bestr egards,
    Paolo E.

      • Nope, same problem after adding define( ‘WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ );
        to the config.php

        • Hi, Paolo.

          Sorry I couldn´t reply earlier. However, I was going to suggest you increased your WP memory as Terry said. This is a problem I´ve never seen before and nobody has reported. I hope is has nothing to do with Engined, and I can´t see why it would. One way to check it out would be activating Divi as the active theme instead of Engined and opening the Customizer to see if it works alright. If it does it would still not be a positive proof of Engined being the problem, because Engined has a lot more settings in the Customizer and therefore needs more memory in the “Development Mode”. But if it doesn´t, it would be a proof that there´s something wrong with your setup or your server.

          Are you still experiencing this issue?

          • Hi Luis,

            I guess it wasn’t Engine related after all. I tried and use Transposh tonight – my favorite translator – and the same error occurred.

            Obviously it’s a problem with the hosting company (a shit French Cie named which certainly keep the memory down to 8MB, as they use to do in the middle age.

            Thanks for the answer anyway, I will try Engine tomorrow with a new website, and I’m sure it will be great.

            Best regards,
            Paolo E.

  18. just wanted to encourage you. Your products are great and have made my life so much simpler. It definitely is something you “could” charge for which is why they contacted you. Take this as a compliment even if the way you have been treated since then is appalling. I applaud your ethics. It’s not seen much any more.
    Bless you.

  19. Luis,

    What file in Engined do I need to edit to add a bit of php code to the header?


    • Engined doesn´t have a specific header file, so you can just make a copy of the original header.php from Divi, put it in the child theme folder and then edit that file.

      • Thanks for your speedy response!

  20. Hi, I downloaded your plugin however it gives me a failed install message when I try to upload it to wordpress. Would you know why I might have that issue?

  21. Thanks a lot for this on…Currently I use Genesis and I like Divi a lot 🙂

    Can you please tell me which is better in your point of View ?

    Genesis or Divi ?

  22. Hi Luis, great work on the Divi Engined! Its really great to see people add functionality to a great web design resource!

    I had a question, i have the “Hide header on homepage load” checked and i want to check the “Hide header on page load for all pages” so the same effect will be on all other pages but it instead puts a white bar at top of screen including home page. Is this normal?

    Thanks for your time.

    Again, great work!


    • Sorry about that, my fault. I thought I had removed that option for the final release version, because it was causing some trouble in some cases, as you´ve already noticed.
      Please don´t use that setting for the time being. I´ll try to make it work properly or else I´ll definitely remove it. But I guess I´ll wait for Divi 2.4 before releasing any update.

      • Ok great! thanks so much for the info!



  23. Awesome, i will test this! tks man

  24. Hi, I’m using Engined for a new website, it’s pretty cool so far.
    The only problem I have is I can’t customize the footer H4 titles.
    It remains blue, whatever I do.
    I even added a .et_pb_widget h4 {color: #e87800!important} in the Engined live custom CSS: it appears on the preview, but not on the live website…
    Can you help?
    Otherwise the Theme is fantastic.

    • Ok, don’t sweat it, I was in development mode! So everything is perfect!!!
      And thanks again for developing such cool tools!

      • I´m glad you sorted it out, Paolo. I guess you meant you were in Production Mode.

  25. Really impressed by Divi Engined! Having one issue that I can’t figure out. If I add Archives to my blog sidebar, when I click a month, I get the following error:

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function et_postinfo_meta() in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas10_data01/86/2785986/html/wp-content/themes/engined/divi-children-engine/functions/custom-functions.php on line 87”


    Any idea? Thanks!

    • Hi, Jason.

      What version of Divi are you using?

      • Using Divi Version:

        • That´s why, Jason. The currently available version of Engined is not compatible with Divi 2.4 yet, since ET changed too many things in Divi 2.4 without providing backwards compatibility (like that et_postinfo_meta function, for instance). I had the new compatible version ready by the middle of August, but just when I was going to release it I knew about the Divi 2.5 update, so I had to hold it. I´m right now testing everything once again and recoding some things, to make sure Engined works alright with Divi 2.5 and WordPress 4.3.

  26. Can you tell me how to fix this error/bug:
    Notice: Use of undefined constant dce_customizer_styles – assumed ‘dce_customizer_styles’ in /home/domainname/public_html/wp-content/themes/engined/divi-children-engine/dce-customizer/dce-kirki/dce-kirki.php on line 50

    • Hi, John.

      Sorry about it, there were some single quotes missing in the code that had never caused an issue, but I guess it all depends on the versions of PHP, WP, etc. being used.

      Anyway, that bug has been fixed and it should work alright now. I´ve just released a new version of Engined with the fix, and it is now the one that is available for download.

      Thanks for pointing it out. I´ve just sent you an email.


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