A couple of days ago I got a comment on this blog letting me know that with the latest version of Divi it looked like a child theme created by Divi Children was killing the Full Width Slider. The problem had being reported in the the ET forums too by the same user.

So I went ahead and tried to figure out what happened, using one of my local development sites. This site had Divi 3.0.7 installed and many child themes created by Divi Children, and its full width sliders looked alright. So I updated Divi to its latest version (3.0.21) and then the sliders seem to have disappeared. And not just the full width sliders, but any Divi slider. When I deactivated the child theme and had just Divi active, the sliders were back.

So I began to worry about something in the child theme created by my Divi Children plugin causing incompatibility issues with the Divi sliders, although I couldn´t figure out what could it be. I tried with various child themes with the same results… until I decided to try something:

I manually created a new Divi child theme, actually the simplest possible child theme: just an empty stylesheet plus a functions.php with just one function used to enqueue the parent styles. And guess what? the sliders were gone as well when activating this blank child theme.

Which means this is not a Divi Children issue in the first place. But… is it a child theme issue then? No, it is a Divi issue. Divi should work alright with a child theme, but the current 3.0.21 version just does not.

I checked the ET Support forums to see what was going on about this. The first reply from ET was this:

Hi, there is an issue in your child theme. Please remove all codes from child theme and then add them again one by one to find the code that is causing the issue. Thanks.

And then a day latter:

Hi, we have released a new update to fix this issue. Please update and check. Thanks.

But the Divi update currently available is still the 3.0.21 version, the one that is causing the issue.

Why do the Divi sliders disappear? Well, I inspected this issue and the sliders aren´t really “gone”, it all has to do with an inline css rule that forces the height of each slide to 0px. All the slider html, image links, etc. are still there, but the sliders just do not show up because the container div inside each slide is forced to have no height:


So, if you´re using any child theme with Divi and you have sliders on your site, don´t update Divi to the 3.0.21 version yet. Wait until this issue has been solved, I´m confident ET will do it soon.

Divi 3.0.21, sliders

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