I didn´t plan to release a new version of Divi Children today. I´m focused lately on a more advanced version of the plugin and, as I said on my post Divi Children 2.0 sneak peek: Customizing Divi even further, without code, I had in mind to jump directly from Divi Children 1.0 to Divi Children 2.0.

But then I learned about a bug that appears when you use child themes with Divi. It has nothing to do with the Divi Children plugin and it is not harmful either, as was explained on my previous post Duplicated predefined layouts in Divi 2.0 – How to fix it.

Elegant Themes said that the issue will be fixed in the next Divi theme update.

So at first I thought that if the next Divi update was not released before Divi Children 2.0, I would include in Divi Children 2.0 a fix to correct that issue.

But then I thought it over and I decided that I didn´t want to make you wait to have that fixed, and that is why I´m releasing this intermediate 1.0.1 version of Divi Children.

And that´s it, there aren´t any more changes included in this release. But from now on every child theme created by Divi Children will have the fixing code added to its functions.php, so you won´t need to worry about the duplicated predefined layouts issue.

If you haven´t done it yet, please read my previous post (except the code and the associated technical explanations if you don´t want to) to make sure you understand what this issue is about and how to make the fix work.

On the other hand, if you have never used Divi Children yet and you install this new 1.0.1 version for the first time, there´s nothing that you need to know about that Divi bug, except that you will not experience it since Divi Children 1.0.1 will prevent it from appearing.

Here you have some links related to this new release:

Enjoy it!

P.S.: Please help spread the word by sending a little tweet when downloading the plugin. Why almost nobody does? It is as free as the plugin itself!

Update Jun 26/14/2014: A bug was found in the original 1.0.1 version. It has been corrected in the new version, which is the one currently available for download. If you downloaded the original 1.0.1 you may notice that the predefined layouts don´t get duplicated, but you can´t load them. Please download the current version of Divi Children to correct it.

Divi Children 1.0.1

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