Some people have been asking lately about Divi Children compatibility with the latests versions of Divi. But like I´ve responded to somebody who said “I have been checking your blog but I do not find any mention of compatibility of Divi Children with Divi 2.7.x“, I did not mention any incompatibility on this blog either, for the simple reason that I had not found any compatibility issue while working with Divi Children 2.0.8 and the newest Divi versions. Which means no news, good news.

Until I got an email from a Divi Children user, telling me about a recent compatibility problem not with Divi, but with the newer versions of WordPress. He was getting an error message due to a recently deprecated WordPress function.

What happened is that Divi Children was using the get_currentuserinfo() function to get the name of the child theme developer in order to use it as a default in the child theme generation form (to be used as one of the footer credits settings for the new child theme), and this function has been deprecated in the WordPress 4.5 release.

This issue does not affect the child themes created by Divi Children, as the function was only used by the plugin to get a default value, prior to the creation of the child theme.

Divi Children version fixes this issue by using the wp_get_current_user() function instead of the deprecated one.

I´ve been testing Divi Children with the new Divi 2.7.5 and WordPress 4.5.2 today and did not find any problem. Please let me know if you do.

Updating to Divi Children

The new version is already available for download. Just follow the instructions for updating it if you have a previous version of the plugin installed in your site.

You don´t need to update your existing child themes

As I´ve said above, you won´t need to update any of your existing child themes. As long as they were created by Divi Children 2.0.8 (or by any previous version of the plugin and were later updated by Divi Children 2.0.8), you´ll get the following screen if you try to update them via the Install or Update Divi Children Engine tab of the plugin:


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