Just a couple of days ago I published a post about the compatibility of Divi Children with Divi 3.0 and about Divi Children being great for editing the footer credits. And then, just hours after that, Elegant Themes released a new Divi update (the 3.0.1 version) that besides some bug fixes included a new footer credits editor field in the Customizer.

The ability to customize the footer credits has been a feature demanded by lots of users for a long time, but was never included in Divi until just now. Why Elegant Themes decided to keep it out of the Divi 3.0 beta tests and not to include it in the Divi 3.0 release, only to silently add it on this 3.0.1 update is something many of us don´t understand.

But anyway, the fact is that the Divi footer.php template file has changed with this new update and that it has screwed up the compatibility with Divi Children footer credits. Oh well.

So I had to (once again) develop a new version of Divi Children in a hurry, and that´s why I´m introducing Divi Children 2.0.9 today.

Existing child themes created by Divi Children are still compatible

If you´ve created a child theme with a previous version of Divi Children and you´ve customized your footer credits, you´ll notice that your footer credits settings will still apply and everything will keep on working fine, even after you update Divi to the 3.0.1 version. However, the new Divi footer credits editor won´t work. That shouldn´t be a problem for you, as your child theme takes care of the customized footer credits.

But if you created yesterday a new child theme of Divi 3.0.1 with any previous version of Divi Children (up to, you must have noticed that your child theme´s Footer Credits section of the Customizer created by Divi Children didn´t work. That is the reason for this new 2.0.9 update.

Nicer Footer Credits settings

The new native Divi feature (the so-called footer credits editor) just adds a text field to Divi´s Footer Bottom section of the Customizer, where you can paste your footer credits HTML. Which is nice and it has been demanded for a long time, but you have to write your HTML code anyway, whereas Divi Children Footer Credits settings are easier and more intuitive to use, and they provide an automated function for your site copyright years as well.

On this update, Divi Children Footer Credits settings have also been complemented with three new checkboxes to let you choose whether the different footer credits links are to be opened in a new browser link or not:

Divi Children 2.0.9 footer credits open link

On the other hand, you may prefer to use the new Divi footer credits HTML field if you don´t mind having to write your HTML code for the sake of flexibility.

So now there will also be a new setting in the Footer Credits section of the Customizer for child themes created by Divi Children 2.0.9: a checkbox  to enable or disable the child theme footer credits settings. This means that from now on you are free to use either Divi Children created or Divi native settings for your footer credits:

Divi Children 2.0.9 footer credits enable

No child theme updating

Previous versions of Divi Children provided automated update options for existing child themes, including an option to check the child theme footer.php template file or to generate a valid footer.php file. Such a file is not longer needed on Divi child themes created by Divi Children. Also, the process of checking and updating existing child themes was becoming too complicated, and it will completely change and get far simpler for future versions of Divi Children. So, in order to have this update ready as soon as possible, and to keep things as simple as possible, in this 2.0.9 version I´ve removed the code for updating old child themes. Remember that your old child themes created by previous versions of Divi Children will work fine anyway, even with Divi 3.0.1.

Use Divi Children 2.0.9 only for Divi versions higher than 3.0.0

If you update your site to any Divi version greater than 3.0.0 (3.0.1 being the current Divi version at the moment of writing this post), you will need Divi Children 2.0.9 to create child themes for which the Footer Credits settings of the Customizer work alright. If you already have any previous version of Divi Children installed in a site you´ve updated to Divi 3.0.1 and you plan to use it to create a new child theme, please remove the plugin and install and activate the new Divi Children 2.0.9 version before creating any child theme.

In any case, remember that you need to use Divi 3.0.1 (or greater) if you want to create child themes with Divi Children 2.0.9. Otherwise your custom Footer Credits settings won´t work.

So, if you´re already working with a Divi version greater than 3.0.0, go ahead and download the latest version of the free Divi Children plugin.

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