I´m glad to announce the release of the new Divi Children plugin. Divi Children is the easiest way to create a Divi child theme, and it´s free!

This plugin is pretty straightforward to install and use, and no settings are needed after activation. Once you have created your Divi child theme you can deactivate the plugin. or even delete it if you do not plan to do anything else with it on that site.


Divi Children gets installed just like any other plugin. Download the plugin zipped file from the plugin page and save it anywhere in your computer, then from your WordPress Admin area go to Plugins > Add New. Once on the Install Plugins page, upload the plugin file to install it and finally activate it.

Creating a new Divi child theme

Once you have activated the plugin, you will see a new Divi Children option under the Appearance section on your Admin area menu. A form will then appear when you click on it.

This form opens within the tab Create New Divi Child Theme and has been filled with information about you and your site. You can change whatever you want from the default values, and then you just need to hit the Create Divi Child Theme blue button.

That´s all!

You will notice that some fields on the form are used to customize the footer of your child theme. The current year displayed on the footer credits of your child theme will always keep updated thanks to a function included in the functions.php file created by the plugin for your new Divi child theme.

The plugin allows you to choose the name to be displayed on the footer credits and the URL for that link. It also lets you change the Powered by WordPress text, or you can just remove that text along with the WordPress link if you want to.


Make sure you have Divi already installed in your site before attempting to activate your new Divi child theme.

Changing the Divi child theme screenshot

The plugin uploads a default screenshot for your new child theme, but you can change that screenshot at any time. That´s what the other tab (Change Screenshot) is for.

Of course, you need to have created at least one Divi child theme on your site before you can change its screenshot. If you click on the Change Screenshot tab before you have a Divi child theme, the plugin will warn you and it won´t let you do anything but to go and create your child theme first:


To upload your new image for the screenshot, you can either use the Media Uploader by clicking the “Upload or Choose Image” button, or paste the URL to your image in the provided field.


Select the child theme to be changed (you may have more than one Divi child theme if for example you´re testing different tweaks in separated child themes) and then just hit the blue button. The default screenshot previously created by the plugin will be removed and your image will be uploaded and renamed as the screenshot for that theme.


As you have seen, Divi Children will allow you to focus on your creativity and forget about the tiresome parts of the process of creating the child theme.

I hope you enjoy this new plugin, and please provide some feedback once you have tried it!

Child Theme Plugin

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