While with the help of several friends we´re still testing out the Engined child theme that will serve as the foundation of the next generation of Divi Children, I felt it was necessary to release a new intermediate update of the Divi Children plugin.

As you can read in the Divi children Changelog, this 2.0.6 update takes care of a couple of issues.

Compatibility with the Offset setting of Divi Blog modules

The new Offset setting was introduced in Divi Blog modules not too long ago (I seem to recall that it was in the Dvi 2.3 update). This Offset feature was not working in child themes created by previous versions of Divi Children.

Although even before Elegant Themes introduced this feature in Divi I made it available to you by means of the Divi Children Magic Codes “newest_post_feed” and “no_newest_post_feed” (at least for an offset value equal to 1), the new update makes sure you can use the blog Offset setting as you wish.

Default values added in Customizer output

If you´ve used Divi Children before you may have noticed that, before you began customizing your child theme, the social icons in the footer appeared pushed together. Something similar was happening with the sidebar margin, the sidebar was pushed towards the vertical dividing line.

All this was happening because no default values were sent to the customizer output, for example for the icons size. It so happens that the icons separation is calculated as a function of icon size, so if no value was given for it the separation value went to zero.

The fix was very easy: If you selected any social icons size (and even if you reverted it back to the default 24px value), as soon as you clicked on the Customizer “Save & Publish” button, everything would work alright. But anyway, that is not needed anymore.

In the new version, all settings values come now with a default to make sure everything works and looks as expected.

Updating the plugin

The new 2.0.6 version is already available for download. Just follow the instructions for updating it if you have a previous version of the plugin installed in your site.

Updating your existing child themes

I´ve also updated the plugin admin files to make sure that existing child themes created by previous versions of Divi Children can be easily updated to include the new fixes.

If you want to update your child theme, just follow this steps:

  • Update Divi Children to 2.0.6.
  • Go to Appearance > Divi Children to open the main plugin page.
  • Open the Install or Update Divi Children Engine tab.
  • Select the child theme you want to update and follow the instructions.
Update May 3, 2015: Please note that a newer Divi Children 2.0.7 update has just been released. Existing child themes updating has also been improved in Divi Children 2.0.7, so please make sure you update your child themes using the new plugin version.
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