The Divi Children plugin

A free Divi child theme creator plugin to help you create with Divi

Create highly customizable Divi child themes with a free plugin!

Divi Children is a free plugin specifically developed for the users of Divi. It automatically does the tiresome part of the job for you, so you can just focus on your creativity.

But the advantages of Divi Children do not stop there. Every child theme created by Divi Children comes with loads of customizing features via the WP Customizer. And the introduction of EZ-Builders in version 3.0 of the plugin has just made everything even easier for you!


One-click Divi child theme creation

Divi Children automatically grabs the information about you and your site, so you just have to hit a button to get a new child theme full of cool features. You can then replace the default provided screenshot with your own image whenever you want.

Customize Divi like a pro, easily

Every child theme created by Divi Children can be customized via the WP Customizer, with lots of settings available. More than 250 new Customizer controls are now waiting to follow your imagination.


EZ-Builders make everything much easier

A new kind of compact, easy to use, drag and drop sortable builders used to arrange your Footer Credits, Post Meta, Social Icons or even your custom Post Layout directly in the WordPress Customizer

Introducing the new Post Layout Builder

Customizing your single posts with Divi has never been so easy

Divi Children plugin download

Divi Children has been downloaded 64,879 times so far


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