Engined child theme - Legacy version (for Divi Legacy, prior to Divi 2.4)

A free child theme that will change the way you use Divi to build great websites

More than 500 different settings to help you customize Divi!

Engined is a child theme specifically developed to make customizing Divi a breeze. It comes packed with options and settings directly available in your WordPress Customizer, so you can preview your changes live while you´re making them.

Just install Engined in your Divi site and start customizing hundreds of things right away… without having to deal with a single line of code.


No code. No hassle.

do you know how to….


… hit a button?

… use a slider control?

… tick a checkbox?

… select an option?

… type or paste to fill a text field?

… click on an image or icon?

… hover on an icon to get help?


You´re ready to customize Divi like a pro…

…with Engined

Engined (Legacy version) Download

Please note that the version of Engined you can download from this page is the Legacy version (intended to work with Divi 2.3, not with the current version of Divi)

If you want to get the current version of Engined, go to Engined Download


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