You probably know by now that the new WordPress 4.9 release brings some news about the Customizer. Besides the cool new features such as design drafts, locking, scheduling or preview links, some Customizer controls have also been improved in WordPress 4.9.

Since a few of these changes affect Customizer controls used in child themes created by Divi Children, I´ve prepared a new plugin update that takes care of them: Divi Children version 3.0.7.

For example, back in September Divi Children 3.0 introduced the Live Custom CSS section in the Customizer, which used the nice CodeMirror code editor by means of the Kirki toolkit. But CodeMirror has just been included in WordPress 4.9 core in order to provide code Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking, so we don´t need it in Divi Children anymore (the Live Custom CSS editor will be displayed as a textarea if a WordPress version older than 4.9 is used).

Other Customizer controls used by Divi Children had to be made compatible with WordPress 4.9 as well, such as those that use sliders or colorpickers.

By the way, the slider controls used by Divi Children have also been improved with a new feature and are now more Divi-like: the ability to manually enter numeric values in slider controls has just been added.


I´ve also taken the opportunity of this new 3.0.7 release to include the fix for a bug that was detected by a Divi Children user last week. See the Divi Children Changelog for the complete list of changes.

The Divi theme itself has also been updated by Elegant Themes: Version 3.0.88 addressing WordPress 4.9 compatibility issues was released just a few hours ago.

The new Divi Children 3.0.7 update is already available for download, so go ahead and get it to update your existing Divi child theme (or to create a new one), and enjoy WordPress 4.9!


WordPress 4.9

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