There are some new features for this site in the works, and today I´m glad to announce the release of the first one: Submit your Divi sites.

I know that people like to see examples of what others achieved with a particular theme (that´s why I created the showcase Examples of Sites using Divi in the first place), but I also know that most people also like their sites to be displayed and linked to, because that´s a free way of getting some exposure.

During the lasts few days since I launched Divi4u, I´ve had some requests from Divi users who wanted their sites to be included in our showcase page.

Well, from now on there is no need to ask for it: You can add your Divi sites by yourself!

Since we already had the Divi Theme Detector to analyse if a site uses Divi, I´ve created some new code to connect this tool to the showcase, so it now records in our database the information of the analysed site whenever Divi is found.

That means that if you want your Divi sites to be included in the showcase, all you have to do is use the Divi Theme Detector with your own Divi sites. Of course, you already know that your site built with Divi uses that theme and you don´t need to use the Divi Theme Detector to check it, but that´s the way to “introduce” your site to our showcase.

The detection tool checks whether the site is already in the database and it makes sure it gets displayed only once on the showcase, so you won´t gain any more exposure by entering several different pages of your Divi sites in the Divi Theme Detector.

I hope you all enjoy this new feature, and remember there will be more to come. Divi4u will continue to get better and better. Promised.

Luis Alejandre
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