Well after all those 100 long days Divi 3.0 is finally here. Now it is time for updating our sites and checking if everything works alright.

So if you´ve used Divi Children to create your Divi child themes in the past, you may be wondering whether you can still use it with Divi 3.0. The answer is yes; I´ve been testing it with the Divi 2.9.X beta versions and now with the final Divi 3.0 released version, and the current version of Divi Children is compatible with the new Divi 3.0.

I did encounter a couple of small issues related to theme mods initialization values in the Customizer, but nothing to worry about or to make a new update necessary. Changing the value of the setting or checking/unchecking the option and hitting he Customizer “Save” button does the trick.

Remember that the Divi Children plugin does not need to remain active in your site after you´ve used it to create your child theme. So in case you have any issue with it (a compatibility issue with any other plugin, for instance), you can not only deactivate Divi Children, but even delete it from your site. You won´t need the plugin again unless you want to create yet another child theme.

Divi Children allows you to create Divi child themes that come with customization options to make everything easier. It was the first solution for  customizing the Divi footer credits the easy way and, as far as I know, it´s the only free product that lets you modify your footer credits any time you want by means of the Customizer. Many people use Divi Children to create their client child themes because of this feature, but Divi Children also offers some other nice child theme customizing options. So if you´re never tried it it´s never too late, because the current Divi Children version works with Divi 3.0. You can get it for free at the Divi Children download page.

Of course, should you find any issue, I´d appreciate if you let me know about it as soon as possible.

Luis Alejandre
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